Send private messages with complete confidence.

Other platforms host your data and control its encryption. Only you have that permission in Sovereign.

No middleman means no censorship and no invasion of privacy.

Private, secure messaging
No registration necessary
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Important Information about Security and Privacy




Communicate | Collaborate | Commercialise

Peer-to-peer social and business networking with Sovereign

Communicate and transact with your peers, directly, without fear of censorship. And, when you no longer want your data to be available, you don't have to ask anyone's permission to delete it. No third party means no interference and no risk of data loss.
Peer-to-peer messaging is just the start. All Sovereign apps ensure sovereignty over your data and business. Imagine a messenger, cloud storage, social media and ecommerce platform where you are in complete control of your narrative and the value you create.

Sovereign Messenger: private messaging

Secure, encrypted messaging between individuals and groups or communities. You choose your level of privacy.

Sovereign Drive: decentralized cloud storage

Your gateway to IPFS, the leader in decentralized storage, to host your personal, encrypted data so you retain absolute control.

Sovereign Media: decentralized social media

Write long or short form (Substack/Twitter), broadcast podcasts (Supercast) or videos (YouTube), hosting your content on IPFS.

Sovereign Market: web app builder

Create a beautiful, functional website to promote and manage your business, or simply host your profile. No technical skills required!

The Price of Sovereignty

Fees for using Sovereign apps are priced and paid in Sovereigns, the network currency. You can buy Sovereigns once you have logged in to the Messenger app.

Basic Membership

25 Sovereigns


Minimum stake required to register your domain, automatically delegated to a validator. No technical experience necessary. Just 5,000 domains available at this price.

  • Own a piece of the infrastructure
  • Unique domain registration service
  • Unlimited messages and social media posts
Purchase in Messenger

Validator Membership

25,000 Sovereigns


Minimum stake required to host a validator node. Technical knowledge and experience is required. There are only two validator nodes available at this price.

  • Help to secure the network
  • Earn a share of the fees
  • Have a big say in the governance
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More Information

Privacy of Thought.

Freedom to Express.

Freedom to Connect.

Right to Work.

What makes Sovereign different and why it's important.
  • Private by design

    All data is encrypted locally before being sent and stored on the network.
  • Sovereign by nature

    You are the only one with the encryption keys and control of the data store.
  • Censorship-free

    Distributed ledger means no-one can arbitrarily remove you or your content.
  • Safe and secure

    You retain control over what content you see and who can interact with you.